10 Reasons to Move Your Telecoms to Mobile

Cloud based Office VoIP / SIP technology have been around for a long time now but are only just becoming accepted in mainstream circles as a viable alternative to fixed systems and ISDN. As an early developer & adopter we have actually been successfully selling, installing and maintaining Cloud SIP technology for well over 20 years, supporting military facilities, embassies and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Adoption of newer technologies takes a long time but we think the next evolution in communications will be faster.

For the last 3 years we have been merging cloud phone systems, SIP handsets features and Mobile Phones to provide companies with the perfect telecoms solution – here are the top ten reasons you should consider putting Mobile Phones at the center of your telephony:

1. Installation

Incorporating a mobile phone in to your company’s telephone system is seamless, taking just a few minutes of end user time. Traditional SIP phone systems require handsets to be ordered, cabling commissioned and engineers involved in set up.

2. Ease of use

Adding a business number to the mobile is completely automated and an end user simply
selects whether to use their work number or personal number when making a call.
On receiving a call the user knows instantly whether the call is for work and who is calling them. Other features like phone books, contact directory, voicemail and do not disturb are all available at the touch of a button.

3. Phone number flexibility

Any phone numbers, landline or mobile and national or int’l, are able to be used on the mobile phone with number selection at will. In fact we can supply city based phone numbers for over 9000+ locations, any of which cab be used.

4. Failover & Redundancy

Mobile phones are independent self sustaining parts of the whole phone system, meaning company moves, expansions and departmental staff changes are simple, with no technical intervention required. In the event of a major catastrophe like a fire, the company’s phone system will continue working and staff will be able to make and receive calls from wherever they have been displaced to.

5. Billing

All calls made via a company’s phone number are handled across the business telecom account and are added to the a single end of month itemised invoice. Personal calls remain 100% private, and billing is fully compliant with HMRC / GDPR ending end of month billing disputes.


The sheer cost and inefficiencies of carrying a work phone around with us, is incredible. It is often a phone we don’t like and having to keep it charged and remembering how to use it, can be a real hassle. Simply adding a work phone number to a personal mobile phone and seamlessly being able to make and receive calls on that number is so simple.

With all business calls being billed directly to the company there is no longer the end of month reimbursement factor and the tying up of accounts staff plus the company itself saves on supplying phones and SIMs, managing phone numbers and dealing with breakages.

7. Cost Savings

No set up or purchase costs for; switchboard or handset installations, cabling, routers, additional internet or phone lines. Users and phone numbers can be added or removed instantly meaning you only pay for what you need month by month. Enjoy VoIP call charges at HD cellular call quality, or benefit from ConXhub all inclusive plans, so you know exactly what you´ll spend month in month out.

8. Maintenance free

The days of waking up in a sweat and wondering if your businesses internet will be stable or not, are over – No headaches or worries when it comes to a mobile centric phone system as all users are independent cells of the whole. The worst that can happen is if a user drops their mobile down the toilet, and even then it is just one user who can be fixed up with a temporary phone while a new one is dispatched.

9. User Satisfaction

Untie a user from the desk, allow them to use their own mobile phone and you’ll be staggered at the increase in work. It is estimated that a business will gain an extra 240 extra hours of work per employee per annum when BYOD is implemented.

10. Increased efficiency

Users can make and receive calls wherever they are, without having to rush back to their desks. They can be walking out the door, be in the local cafe or even on the commute to work. They can walk a customer over to a colleague or the filing room without having to put them on hold and can manage customers way more effectively than being stuck at their desks.

ConXhub is an evolution in communications technology allowing YOU to make and receive calls from any phone numbers on your personal mobile phone, keeping personal and work calls completely separate.

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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