3 P’s of Social Entrepreneurship

One could learn a skill but none could beat someone who is both dedicated and innately talented. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Why? Because it involves taking risks that not all are willing to. It takes vision that not all are committed to work on, and dedication that not many people can surpass after facing hurdles in achieving the goal of their business. There is an article about  millennials who are said to be less entrepreneurial and fail more often. Although some may find the analysis wrong, we think that people will agree that it is difficult to run a business in this generation. Especially now that the 2019 Coronavirus began to threaten the health safety of the people that most establishments were forced to shut down because operational cost are too high. 

For this reason, here are the 3 P’s to remember of future social entrepreneurs to strive their very best in this pandemic. 
  1. PASSION– before starting a business you will probably ask yourself, “what do I want to sell?” The answer for that would depend on what interests you the most. Having the ability to know the depth of your product or service is a great edge for your business. Besides, being passionate about your product would help you develop your ideas for long-term plans.
  1. PURPOSE- one reason we think why businesses fail is because they lost their connection to their mission and vision. As you begin a business, it is vital to know why you are doing what you are doing. Having a clear purpose will make you stay on track towards your goals.
  1. PLAN- this pandemic has caused a major downfall for many companies. One thing we could learn from the businesses that are still operating even under COVID-19 is their fallback plan when unwanted situations arise. 

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