4 Cheats To Get Free Internet

Prices appear to be rising year after year, with the average broadband bill currently standing at £30.30 a month. WI-FI rates, on the other hand, vary depending on factors like location, household use, and the provider you choose. If your monthly internet bill is higher than the average, there might be ways to reduce it or even get it for free. Imagine being able to use the internet for free on your device. Mobile data can be insanely expensive. But would it not be great if there was a way to get free internet on your smartphone? You can, to some degree, at least. 

The internet, like drinking water and electricity, has become a staple of existence. There are several legal ways to gain free access to any online websites and internet resources, just as there are several legal ways to gain free access to drinking water and electricity. Here are the four easiest ways to obtain free internet:

1. Public WiFi Hotspots– A WiFi hotspot is a centralised place where people can use Wireless networks to access the internet. Enterprises also build such hotspots in order to draw more customers. In addition, your favorite coffee shop or fast-food joint most probably has one—all you need to know is how to use it to get free internet.

2. FreedomPop– Take into account FreedomPop as a portable WiFi hotspot that you can take with you wherever you go and use as a free alternative to costly mobile data plans. As a signup bonus, all new FreedomPop customers receive 10 GB of data in addition to the 200 MB or 500 MB of data they receive automatically each month with the Free plan.

3.  WifiMap– WifiMap is a free app that provides a wide range of wifi hotspots around the world. Users can upload wifi hotspots for others to use while they are in the region. It’s a crowdsourcing economy that can only expand when more people use it and tell their friends about it. Over 100 million free wifi hotspots are open.

4.Ask Your Neighbours- This one is dependent on your relationship with your neighbours. You might, for example, ask if you could have their Wifi password in return for anything else you could give them.

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