5 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Startup to Spain

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Looking for a new and exciting market to grow your startup? Learn why Spain is the ideal location for you & discover practical tips for a smooth start!

In recent years the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem has experienced significant growth and is now a very attractive destination for many international entrepreneurs.

The world’s leading universities, research centers, and business schools together with an increasing number of accelerators and incubators, highly skilled human capital, and the availability of both private and public funding, are all ideal conditions for developing an innovative project.

Dubbed the “Champions League of Startups” by some, Spain puts lots of effort into growing its economy – an endeavor in which startups and entrepreneurs play an increasingly important role.

Why take your business to Spain?

Though Spain might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about entrepreneurship, there are many reasons why the country should be on your radar!

#1 Open & Dynamic Economy

The Spanish economy has steadily surpassed that of its European counterparts over the last five years, in pre-pandemic circumstances.

#2 Strategic Infrastructure Hub

Spain has the largest network of highways and freeways in the EU, two of Europe’s busiest airports, the world’s most extensive high-speed rail network, and is home to three of Europe’s most important ports in container port moves.

#3 Skilled Talent

A large percentage of the Spanish population has higher education. You can find specialized talent to cover your ICT vacancies more easily in Spain than in neighboring countries and at a more competitive cost than in other major European economies.

#4 Support for Innovation

Spain’s tax burden is similar to the EU median. Spain offers subsidies and grants and has a comprehensive system of tax incentives and exemptions to promote RDI activities, knowledge transfer, and job creation.

#5 Longer & Better Lives

The life expectancy of Spaniards is longer than in most of the world thanks to the Spanish cuisine and the enjoyment of leisure activities. Additionally, the startup movement has grown considerably in recent years, leading to lots of (online) meet-ups and events for like-minded people with various backgrounds.

How You Can Successfully Settle in Spain

Invest in Spain is the executive division of ICEX Trade and Investment, a business-oriented entity of Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism’s Secretary of State for Commerce. Rising Up Spain, the soft-landing program designed by Invest in Spain offers a full range of services, supporting startups setting up in Spain and making all phases of the process of setting up and developing entrepreneurial projects in the country easy.

What can you expect?

  • Workspace in some of the most dynamic business areas in Spain
  • Easy access to entrepreneur visas
  • Legal tax and regulatory advice to set up your startup in Spain
  • Media visibility for your entrepreneurial project
  • Access to one of Spain’s leading angel investment networks
  • Entry to major national and international events aimed at startups in your industry
  • Access to Spanish corporates in open innovation processes

Rising Up Spain is aimed at foreign and Spanish non-resident entrepreneurs who have an innovative project that has already received positive feedback in the market. The program supports young entrepreneurs when

  1. At least 10% of the startup capital belongs to a foreign natural or legal person, or a non-resident Spaniard provided they are a natural person.
  2. The company is already formed, or in the process of being formed, when aid is awarded. If the company has already been established in Spain, it must be less than one year old.

The program also supports entrepreneurs in various industries, some of which include Renewable EnergyLife SciencesAgri-FoodAutomotive & MobilityAerospaceTransport & LogisticsAudiovisual, Tourism + LeisureChemicals & ICT.

To join the current Rising Up Spain program, apply by 1 March 2021!

Rising Up Spain Leads You to Success

From the entrepreneurs that have settled in Spain in recent years, many of them appreciate the opportunities that Invest in Spain has given them to ensure a smooth start. Let’s hear it from them directly!

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