Are more people reading more blogs now?

Technology has made it so convenient for almost anyone to start a blog about anything and everything. But even with all the best technology in the world, there is never any guarantee someone would be interested enough in your content to read it. The success or failure of your blog is measured by how you make your readers feel. If you’re serious in blogging, you’ll devote the time to understand your audience so well that you can think like them. If you want to boost your audience and drive long-term traffic to your blog, you should first get the public’s curiosity in your content. Because a brilliant blog post that no one reads, unfortunately, sends a negative signal to both web pages and people.

In the United Kingdom, the number of schoolchildren aged eight to 16 who read blogs was 27.4 percent in 2019, up 11.3 percent from 2010. While, The Huffington Post is the most lucrative blog, with a monthly revenue of $14 million. Just imagine the numbers and the opportunity for every business to earn money and attract customers through blogging? For starters, certain social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) have already a massive following and can push millions of visitors to a blog if done properly. Additionally, they offer bloggers the ability to acquire direct input from viewers via comments.

Still hesitant to accept that more people are reading more blogs now? Actually, people still read blogs and will continue to do so into the future. According to the most recent blogging figures, an overwhelming 77 percent of online consumers reported reading blog content on a daily basis.

Blogging is still going strong. To persuade people to read your material, you’ll have to put in more effort. Rather than solely using your blog to promote your brand or product, you’ll have to build content that includes some type of informative value or amusement to win over blog readers.

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