Avoid purchasing social media likes

Money may not be able to buy love, but it can certainly buy likes. Furthermore, it can also buy you followers, views, and shares. The explosive growth of social media has fueled a global competition to get as many endorsements as possible. From huge superstars to everyday people, big companies to tiny enterprises, everyone is looking for new methods to raise their visibility. But is it really worth it to purchase social media likes? Does it have the same effect as organic likes? 

If you ever wanted to buy social media likes. DO NOT DO IT. Please, stop it. 

Expanding your social media following takes time and work, and let’s face it, having a large number of followers looks fantastic. This is especially the case for a business, because it’s a common misconception that the more followers you have, the more revenues you’ll generate. This also implies that succumbing to the idea of purchasing social media followers may be appealing.

All social media analytics expose your content to a tiny section of your audience before expanding it depending on how much the audience reacts. Your material would have a low visibility if you have phony followers. Sounds like wasting money, right? Yes. That is exactly what it is. In the past few years, fake likes and followers in social media have grown through making people eager for large numbers and for people thinking that it is effective. And that same desire to boost numbers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has spawned a murky business as brokers try to cash in on the trend by selling likes and follows. 

If you urge yourself to succumb to such a scam, then accept the fact earlier from now that you are only hurting your brand’s reputation. By buying fake, you are also driving down your business’ credibility to below zero. Also note that buying fake likes is against all social media sites’ terms of service, and accounts with phony followers have been known to be deleted entirely. So not only did you waste your money buying followers, but you’ll also have to start over with your account, which wastes your time.

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