Bad Health Habits Started During The Lockdowns

Staying at home and not going out or rarely going outdoors due to the fear of getting the COVID-19 virus, has caused a lot of people to develop some bad habits. Smoking at home, drinking more alcohol, eating more fast food, exercising less, socialising less often, reading and studying less.  There are several bad habits that affect the personal life, but also those that affect work. Procrastination, being less focused and much less organised than before are common complaints people are making. 

We need to be aware of what are good habits, and what are less healthy for us. What habits have formed during these pandemics that need to be broken?  Not all habits are good.

During lockdown, we’re all dealing with increased levels of stress and worry, putting us all in danger of developing bad behaviours. So now would be a good time to take a step back and assess our actions, keeping a close watch for any red flags of underlying problems. But we can only do that if we can identify those bad health habits. 

Are you ready to find which bad health habits you may be doing now that started during the lockdowns? If yes, don’t worry because we are all guilty of committing at least some bad habits! But what matters most is that we will try to break the cycle, right?  It’s never too late. 

  1. Panic Eating – eating may be a pretty good idea when we are stressed, worried, or just hungry but be mindful, because not all foods are healthy. Most comfort foods like french fries, burgers, and the likes are high in carbs, sugar, and fat, which the brain is designed to want during stressful times. If this feeling does not go away, it can lead to a deadly cycle of cravings.
  1. Lack of Movement – some may be happy to have a reason not to exercise for a few weeks but when it is months? Many people suffer with low energy,and even lower motivation and we can link this to a lack of exercise. 
  1. Oversleeping – we see the lockdown and working remotely as an escape of having more time in our bed. We may think that sleeping longer than the required hours will make us feel energised but no. This is unhealthy and needs to be stopped. Oversleeping has been linked to many medical problems such as but not limited to diabetes,  heart disease, and worse, death. 

The more we eat, the more time we spend sitting on the couch surfing the internet, but we do not exercise? We can all picture how unhealthy lifestyles can develop, how bad they can get, and we can all recognise that they need to stop.

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