Being a freelancer in the beauty industry

During this time, many individuals working in the beauty industry like hair stylists, barbers, nail artists and beauticians are opting to go freelance instead of having a full-time job. Given that freelance work can give them the leverage of flexible working hours, unlimited earning potential, and selectivity with projects, people in this industry have more enjoyment of their work. Although it may sound alluring, unfortunately not all those who turn to freelancing are living the dream. The vision of greener pastures and a better lifestyle can just be a vision because being a freelancer in the beauty sector is hard.

But before we get into the disadvantages, let us begin with the bright side: 
  1. Flexibility – you can work your appointments around your personal life because you decide which clients you take.
  1. Sociability – opportunity to meet many different people and expand your network is limitless due to the nature of the work that requires socializing with your clients, visiting different places, fulfilling their needs and focusing on the different tasks.
  1. Creativity – As long as you please your customers, you can create more room to upgrade your skills and add more projects to your portfolio. More income means more training, more courses, more products and services that you can offer.
Disadvantages to consider of being a freelancer in the beauty industry: 
  1. Work is inconsistent – like most jobs, working in this industry requires extra hustle everyday so you can land deals and provide services. Being a freelancer involves effort on your part to find deals rather than waiting for people to visit a salon.
  1. Competition – speaking of talent, a lot of people working in the beauty business need to stand out as much as possible because this is the challenge they need to overcome to get high-profile clients.
  1. Takes time to make a brand for yourself – having a good portfolio of your work, skills and qualifications is a must and you need to have as many clients as possible so you can make a name for yourself. Moreover, an esthetician or cosmetology license may be required later on, as well as insurance, and displaying your qualifications.

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