Being a freelancer right after graduation

The anxiety around what to do right after graduation is real for many. You have your degree, you have worked hard in school for all your life, and now you have to enter the “Real World”. But what do you do?  You have debts to repay, no experience, and only a rough idea of what you want to do for a career for the next 40 years. 

Where can you get the most experience? You need a grounding and foundation to grow from. Maybe an entry level job will do that, or maybe working for yourself in the freelance community would catapult your experience above all your alumni.  Experience plus self-determination, plus a degree, you could be unstoppable. 

Those who are expecting to gain a role in a company of their choice might be sorely disappointed and have no backup plan. Students graduating from colleges and universities may face a harder road of getting a job now that businesses are closing and redundancies are commonplace. 

With many people who lost their jobs during this pandemic, a lot of people made a shift to being freelancers to earn money while a lot of freelancers too have stopped due to the risks involved in being a freelancer in this unprecedented time. Now, if you are a fresh graduate degree holder, what path would be the best to take in this situation? 

Being a gig worker can be risky but at the same time includes flexibility to create the lifestyle that you want. Still, should you consider it? Before you make a decision, try answering these few questions and analyzing after.
  1. Is freelancing a viable way to earn a living? 
  • The answer may depend on the skills you have and the amount of gig listings you may find. It may depend on your lifestyle choices and the budget you need to earn a good living.
  1. What are your long-term goals? 
  • If you aim to climb the corporate ladder of promotion then, freelancing is not for you. If you need security, health care, benefits, regular and guaranteed income, this is not your vocation.
  1. Can you pitch yourself?
  • Being a freelancer means you need to market yourself effectively to earn projects and not the other way around. Some people are better at receiving orders than finding tasks. 

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