According to Paychex, there is a rapid increase in the number of independent contractors and freelancers in recent months, with figures reaching an astonishing 11% of the total employed workforce mid-2019. Gig Economy workers use and develop innovative technology to provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. Thus, as a Gig worker having a strong knowledge of websites and a firm foundation in technology that could help you access hundreds of gig opportunities is an investment in your future that you need to make. 

Being a member of Gigonomy, or at least a regular visitor, could provide you the opportunity that you are looking for, or could provide you with your next Gig. Learning and networking with like minded people is always an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from, and in just 60 seconds, you could see that opportunity that you are looking for. The Gig Economy works fast, so the Gigonomy portal must do the same. 

Gallup surveys show that about 36 percent of employed workers have some sort of gig, and 29 percent rely on an “alternative work arrangement”  as their primary source of income.

Gig Economy is the new trend! People are changing their work habits, they are no longer focused on just one job, or looking for that long term career, they are aware that there are so many more opportunities out there to explore, and the Gig Economy is a wonderful place to start that process of discovery. 

Some of the benefits of being a gig worker include: 


As a gig worker, you set your own time to complete a task. It’s now possible to work from home. You can decide your work schedule and earn as much as you can manage.


With various freelance jobs available on the internet, you can decide which offer is suitable to your ability and skill. 

Low-Entry Barrier

The Gig Economy introduces a lot of opportunities for all people, especially those who might not have the same opportunities in the mainstream employment sectors. Anyone is able to take on a gig, and there are some gigs specifically for the physically disabled and the hard of hearing minorities. New mothers can work in their spare time and can offer paid services from the comfort of their room. There are no barriers in the Gig Economy. 

In the Gig Economy, the benefits are owned by the workers themselves, so they’re not linked to any one particular company or job. The profit you make is yours to keep, the ideas that you have are yours, your intellectual property is owned by you, if you get published, you are the editor in chief, you do not have to give a share of your earnings to anyone else. The emerging GIG economy has provided several online platforms to people, to search, socialise, and network all of which empower local services, freelancers, and even local micro business.

The economy is growing, the Gig economy is growing fast. 

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