Imagine being surrounded by different professionals, committed to performing their work but not from the same company. There could be IT Developers next to writers, next to researchers, next to customer service reps, all working for different companies. It is in this kind of space that ideas can come and go quickly, and productive communication between companies can speed up development and growth. 

Coworking spaces might sound the perfect fit for you– especially if you’re a freelancer that has a work-from-home setting but you need a break every now and then. You could think of changing productivity location away from the solitude of your home. Coworking is a style of work where people share a common office for their independent activity. 

The trend in Coworking spaces began way back in 2005, Software engineer Brad Neuberg is credited with starting the coworking phenomenon from a San Francisco collective space and ever since then it has evolved dramatically across the world. 

Why choose Coworking Spaces? Simple, because it reduces loneliness and helps you grow connections. As a freelancer, you shouldn’t limit your world inside the four corners of your house thus, you should also explore and meet other co-giggers and build your network. 

Ready to change work location? Here are the some of the best Coworking Spaces Finder sites that could help you find your ideal space remotely: 

  1. Croissant –  Croissant is a productivity app that lets you access coworking spaces in your city by the hour. This App gives you access to over 500 coworking spaces in 70+ cities and you can even use Croissant if you’re traveling to different cities. We partner with coworking spaces around the globe. 
  1. PickSpace– From scheduling meeting rooms to occupancy reports, all features are tailored to make it simple for the coworking space manager to focus on their profitability and community in a beautifully designed interface. Features like booking meeting rooms, occupancy reports, invoicing, billing, and auto collection of payments, PickSpace is leading the Coworking Space industry.
  1. Copass – Copass allows anyone to access a global network of 300+ coworking spaces (and counting) with one single membership. Copass is all about flexibility. If you want to change or cancel your Copass because you’re gonna be off for the next few months? You have the option to not pay for an office you won’t use. 
  1. DesksNear.Me – Helps you match the right people to your space based on complementary skills, communities, and interests. Also, you can generate extra revenue by renting desk and office space that’s not being used while having the ability to choose from thousands of spaces around the world.
  1. Instant Offices – the company operates worldwide, with local experts available in all major cities to help you find and negotiate the best price of spaces on your behalf. The best thing is Instant Offices’ service and advice is free all while attentively listening to your needs and searching the whole market to find the perfect workspace for your business. 

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