Boosting hybrid workforce

No more early battles squeezing yourself into crowded public transportation. No more waiting for a crowded elevator, or getting onto an overcrowded escalator. As the force of modernization pushes progression forwards, the office workforce is yet another element of business to adapt to change. The Hybrid Workforce is one of the many enforced changes that digitalisation has brought about, further enhanced by the pandemic and the need to adhere to the social distancing rules imposed by society. 

During the pandemic, more and more people have been working from home, adapting bedrooms, corners of their kitchen or cupboards under the stairs into working offices. Their workplace experience may never be the same. Employers need to reinvent to succeed in the post-pandemic era. So expect that after the adaptation of people to a work-from-home setup the hybrid workforce will receive a boost again. 

Innovation is always just around the corner. The Hybrid workforce and the home office are no exception. The question of how businesses can benefit from boosting this hybrid workforce? Change is necessary because changes keep us upgrading, adapting and growing. Now how can employers improve their workforce? 

Few tips to boost hybrid workforce: 
  1. Focus more on outputs – situations at home vary for everyone. Some people focus better at home, others have more distractions and need the office as an escape from home. Working remotely can mean a disorganised working day, or working in shifts around school work, dog walking and essential chores. A lot of things should be considered by the employer. For that, focusing more on the output can boost your hybrid workforce. As long as the job gets done, it is OK.
  1. Guarantee the job is remote ready – the best way to boost a hybrid workforce is to ensure that employees can do their job 100 percent remotely and all tools, equipment and training can be provided.
  1. Hire wisely – If you are looking for a person that would fit a role that you anticipate will mainly involve remote working, then it is on your part to ensure that you are recruiting for the correct skill sets.

To sum it all, boosting a hybrid workforce also entails a strong foundation of good communication within the organisation as the success of the work will rely on how effective communication is among the workforce.  

Ensure that training is offered, support is available, computers, internet, desk space, comfortable chairs and the working environment is conducive to the Work From Home set up.

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