Brilliant SME ideas

This year may not be what most of us are expecting, or even hoping for due to the pandemic. For business-minded individuals this year is another year to take a leap of faith and make some risks. Today, a lot of people are planning to start their own business, and for good reason. Likewise, the tough economic situation has also inspired a lot of people to produce creative ways to earn money. Starting a business, either big or small, is a risk that not everyone is willing to take. Having said that, here are some risks you can take that are amazing to skyrocket your entrepreneurial career.


  • The Rage Cage – have you unintentionally broken anything out of anger or any extreme emotion? If you do, well, there are businesses that cater for people who just want to smash and break things for no reason. People come to The Rage Cage to have fun and de-stress, clients can also purchase more things to break during the rage session.
  • Rent-A-Chicken – there may be a moment in your life where you feel like changing your lifestyle. This can be the same for those who feel they are interested to do urban farming. This is where Rent-A-Chicken comes in. This couple in Traverse City, MI will bring you everything you need to care for a brood of hens for the summer. For $250, you can see whether or not you really want to try raising chickens on your own.
  • Professional Wedding Guest – weddings are usually celebrated with family, relatives and close friends. If you don’t have enough people on the guest list for your upcoming nuptials, there are services that can let you hire professional wedding guests to fill seats at your event. This kind of business is a part of a growing industry in Korea.  This along with renting a boyfriend, or a shopping partner for the day are growing businesses and focused on social networking. 

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