Calling UK from Australia

There are more expats these days. Travel is easier, moving house is simple. You could get on a plane and move house to Australia with little planning.  But then how do you keep in touch with your friends and family back in the cold UK? There are multiple options available for staying in touch with long-distance friends and family. 

With Skype, Social Media, or other VoIP or Internet based communication options there is a lot of choice to stay in touch, but nothing is as simple as just picking up the phone and having a chat. The phone call is easier, simpler, faster, and doesn’t depend on a strong internet connection. If you’re dialing a friend in the UK from Australia, take your time and double-check numbers, costs and dialing codes before hitting the dial button to prevent making a costly mistake. Let us review a few ways you can call from Australia to the UK.

To place an international call to the United Kingdom From Australia, the international dialing pattern is as follows. The dialing procedure is the same whether contacting a mobile or telephone in the United Kingdom from Australia. To phone the United Kingdom from Australia, use the following numbers: 

0011 44 – Area Code – Land Phone Number

 0011 44 10 Digit Mobile Number

If phoning the United Kingdom from Australia, use the dialing format given above. For better context, the numbers above are defined as follows below. 

0011 – Australia’s exit code, which is necessary to make any overseas calls within Australia.

44 – United Kingdom’s International Standard Code or Country Code

Area code – The United Kingdom has a total of 611 area codes. Should a local code is required, dial the area code for the city in the United Kingdom through which you are contacting after entering the ISD Code. Unless there is no area code, keep following the ISD Code with the receiver’s telephone number.

Of course, we should not overlook that Australia is hours ahead of the United Kingdom in terms of time. If you ever want to call the United Kingdom from Australia, you need to be conscious of the time difference between the two countries in order to plan calls and refrain from making out-of-the-hours phone calls to the UK.

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