Christmas Parties and COVID

Unlike the recent years where mass gatherings were allowed and we all looked forward to the end of year parties. The dilemma for small business owners now is where and how to celebrate the Christmas party

The world is now facing a pandemic where the cure is still being research. The prohibition of mass gatherings is strongly enforced and social distancing is strictly maintained. These two things that a lot of us did not expect when COVID19 began to threaten health and safety. And now that we’re towards the end of the year – we are still doing everything in a different way. Some places in England and Scotland have implemented the rule of six, which currently states that gatherings are limited to six people indoors and outdoors. More than that is breaking the law. 

One way for business establishments to treat their employees (even freelancers) is to hold a Christmas party. If the virus is here to stay, just how much of an impact will the virus have on the festivities? 

In this article, here are some ideas you can apply to your business to celebrate this coming Christmas. As the majority of employees were advised to work from home. We can utilise the use of technology to bring the celebration to the computer screens. This year 2020 could be the year of the Zoom Christmas party.

Here are some virtual activities :

Virtual Scavenger Hunt – like usual but now conducted virtually. The best players who got the best items to hunt for also have stories or “show and tell” opportunities. 

Craft Festive Ornaments sit down altogether facing the camera. Do some ornaments while listening to the Christmas song playlist. 

Team Holiday Dinner – just because the pandemic forces employees to be quarantined to their house it doesn’t mean they can’t access buffet food. As a treat, you can provide food for a virtual Christmas party if you like to reimburse employees for a treat or meal or send credits for a food delivery service. 

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