Company to start your career: Startup or Established company?

You may wonder what kind of company is best to start your career? There are over 2 million freelancers in the United Kingdom. It is expected to grow even higher as businesses continue to hire contractual workers. The flexibility of freelancing is incomparable to the traditional nine to five hour shift. Moreover, the idea of earning money without the need to have a boss is a unique selling point to the younger generation. Now having said that, even when you graduate from university, you will think about what kind of job will you dedicate your services to. 

Same goes for choosing a company to join after graduation. Which is better? Being in a startup or in an established company?

If you are looking for:


At a startup, your role may include a certain number of tasks, but you will most likely be filling in other duties. At a well-established company, your duties are set and you will do the same tasks until you get promoted or someone at that position resigns. In addition to that, your job also depends on the challenges that you encounter, like an event, product launch or even frustrated and disappointed clients.


To work in startups usually has a relaxed work environment. Wherein the place of work is most likely at peace and with minimal to no employees running all over answering calls, rushing for meetings or attending to phone calls. However, in the corporate world you will always have a boss observing employees every move. The deadline is what matters most and attending to clients is a top priority.


If you are looking for a salary that would not disappoint your expectations. Being in an established company might be for you as their budget allocation to spend on employees, in addition to other perks and long-term benefits, financially is stable. Unlike in a startup to which we could all understand is still grasping and learning the aspects of managing a company.

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