Comparing 4 Communication Tools

With so many communication tools available over the internet we thought it would be interesting to compare 4 of the most famous communication platforms – Slack and Skype, as well as, Viber and Whatsapp . You might be curious too. What is the difference between these applications since they all serve as channels to send and receive messages? There is something that would stand-out among the four communication tools which you may find suitable for your daily conversations. 


Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 and developed it into a fantastic videoconferencing chat program and a profitable investment. In 2018, Slack committed to spending at least $250 million a year for the next five years to enhance the Slack platform and win over the “business partnership tech industry.”

The primary feature of Skype is still video chatting. Although video calls are still necessary for most remote business meetings or fast check-ins, they are no longer sufficient. Furthermore, while Skype allows you to chat with anyone, Slack restricts your contacts list to people who work with your organisation. Idle chit-chat is pretty much eliminated in this way. Skype really shines when it comes to Microsoft Office compatibility. Slack, from the other hand, could align with software and tools that the workforce is likely to use on a regular basis. Also in Slack, users are able to receive all of their notifications directly within the Slack network.


End-to-end encryption, text message delivery, videoconferencing, audio and video recording sharing, images and file transfer, and group chats are a few of the features that Viber and WhatsApp Messenger have in common. Both smartphone (Android, iOS) and desktop (Windows, Mac) messengers are available. However, despite some common ground, WhatsApp is more convenient to use, and navigating through the various features is easy. Also there is a shorter learning curve thanks to the minimal functionality and this leaves Viber to seem more cluttered. Users on both WhatsApp and Viber will call and contact anyone they’re associated with inside the app for free. You’re out of luck if you try to call someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp; unlike Viber, where Viber Out is a full-fledged VoIP feature that allows you to make low-cost international calls to smartphone and landline numbers. Users need to just fund their account with a credit card or PayPal, and then you can call who you want even if they’re not Viber users.

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