Basic computer shortcut keys

Have you ever experienced being the last of your colleagues to leave work, or to go on break, or to have lunch because you are stuck typing words into the computer? If yes, you know how much pressure being a slow typer can cause. 

Good news, you can enhance your typing skills like a pro on your pc! In this article, you can grasp some basic yet important computer shortcut keys to help you on a daily basis increase your working speed on a pc. By keeping all the shortcut keys, we guarantee that you will save a lot of time by eliminating the excess time of doing the same work with the use of the mouse.

What Is Computer Shortcut keys?

Basically, a keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that gives a command to the software or an operating system which is your computer. That instead of doing the longer process of actioning one command, in just a simple combination of shortcuts, you can easily perform a task. These shortcuts can speed up common operations by reducing the input sequence of some keystrokes.

Basic Computer Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + A = Selects all text

Ctrl + X = Cuts the selected item

Ctrl + Del = Cut selected item

Ctrl + C =Copy the selected item

Ctrl + Ins = Copy the selected item

Ctrl + V = Paste the selected item

Alt + F = File menu options in the program which is currently working

End = Navigate to the end of the current page line

F5 (CMD + Shift + R) = to reload the page

CTRL (CMD) + T = Open a new tab

CTRL (CMD) + Shift + T = Reopen the last closed tab (if you do this shortcut multiple times it will reopen all the tabs closed in reverse order)

CTRL (CMD) + N = Open a new window

CTRL + E (CMD + E) = switch the camera on or off

CTRL + D (CMD + D) = to mute or unmute your microphone

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