The United Kingdom has improved its jobs-support scheme on October 22 when businesses affected by the regional COVID19 lockdowns claimed that it is not enough for them to survive the crisis. These changes in the scheme include additional help for self-employed workers, reduced employer contributions, and grants for businesses who are in difficulty due to COVID19.

According to the finance minister Rishi Sunak he will make the scheme more attractive by cutting employer contributions. The Job Support Scheme is a financial grant opportunity in the UK to support businesses to retain their employees during this difficult time. The objectives of the scheme are to protect ‘viable jobs’ in businesses who are experiencing slower activity during the wintertime and the pandemic. 

What’s in it for the employees?

Employees who are working a minimum of 33% of their normal working hours will be paid by their employer for the hours worked. The pair, employer and the government, will be subjected to pay out a third of the hours not worked. With this, the employee will be guaranteed at least 66% of their standard salary.

How to benefit from this new job support scheme? 

To benefit, you have to work only 20% of your normal working hours as opposed to one-third. While employer contributions for unworked hours is being reduced to 5% from one-third.

When will the scheme begin? 

The implementation of this scheme will be effective on November 1,  2020 and will be available for 6 months until April 30, 2021. although government payouts will start from December. This simply shows that the employer can only submit a claim once the employee has already been paid and the payment has been reported to HMRC. 

Where to claim the aid?

You can easily make a claim through and the payments will be received on a monthly basis.

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