It does not matter if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, startup, or just a random individual who wants some change in their working environment, coworking spaces can provide a benefit to any worker because they provide a sense of belongingness, collaboration, learning and sustainability. People in the gig economy enjoy working in coworking spaces because of the perks included in the deals, such as on-site fitness centers, high-speed wireless internet, availability of conference and meeting rooms, cafés that serve beers and wines and a range of coffees, or even a concierge level support which giggers love since it makes work even easier. As the gig economy demands increase, coworking spaces also grow too. In the United Kingdom, there are 4.8 million self-employed workers recorded in 2017, up from 3.3 million in 2001.

These self-employed people at some point needed an environment to boost their productivity and spark that creative inspiration needed to work. Good thing, coworking spaces are easily accessible to provide them the ambiance to refuel their creativity. 

If you are in Liverpool, you might know (aside from The Beatles) that among the other cities in the UK; it is one of the most inexpensive cities to rent a space in. If you are tired working from home then in this article, we will provide some of the cool coworking spaces to change your environment… 

  1. The Plaza – offers a range of leased and service office spaces to rent. Located in a city centered premise, The Plaza is the right space for you to grow your career. They offer on-site parking spaces, showers, lift and business lounge access, and lastly it is 24 hours available. 
  1. Avenue HQ – is an award winning coworking space that offers lockable private offices and move-in ready spaces. Avenue HQ was founded in 2016 in Liverpool, UK. Their goal is to have an inclusive, community-led and professional space, fully-equipped to enable business growth.
  1. Basecamp – they offer more than just a professional office space. You will be surrounded by people where you can share your knowledge, connections and opportunities to grow their respective businesses.

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