Customer Engagement is any business communication between consumers and an organisation. Whether you’re a startup, small business owner, or a freelancer; you all need to attract clients to avail services or products. In a crowded market where there’s a lot of competition, how would you make customers buy what you sell? An “Engager” study by Hall and Partners’ says that 2/3 of a company’s profits is dependent on effective customer engagement. Those with improved engagement increase their cross-sell by 22%; driving up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%. Sounds possible right? The problem is most companies don’t see the essence of customer engagement– the ability to build connections with people. There are Customer Engagement Platforms that equip businesses to efficiently communicate with their clients. 

In this article, we will learn a few strategies to make customers engage with you. 


  • The best foundation for a successful career is success based on trust. Sales pitching doesn’t build trusted relationships and long-term loyalty. By this, you should learn to create value more than extracting revenue. Give your customers a positive experience so they have reasons to buy more of your services or products in the future.


  • Stronger connections with your clients are made when you share valuable content– things that are relative to them. Give your customers the reason to share your services or products because people come to you when they need something done that they can’t do on their own. 


  • Nothing makes a customer feel happier than knowing their communication and feedback  is not in vain. Thus, Customer Engagement equates to Personal Treatment. You can send them emails that would make the recipient feel as if you’re referring to them individually. Moreover, you can also send them greetings during their birthdays or holidays. Making a personal connection is important to keep customers engaged because everyone wants to feel that they stand-out in a crowd.

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