Features of good email service

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is or how many emails you plan to send. Emails are such an important part of all businesses communications these days. As we leverage the use of the internet and technology, we know the good features that will surely maximise our usage, open rates and effectiveness of our email campaigns. An email service is one of the things all businesses should have to professionally communicate with their stakeholders. 

Now say that you need an email service provider that gives you the ability to create emails that subscribers cannot ignore. Well then you would want an email service provider that offers a wide variety of features that can adapt to the changes and demands of your target market.

Here are a few insights on what features to look for in finding an email service provider

1. Tools that make email creation simple – sending an email should be simple hence your email service provider should be user-friendly.  There should be simple customisable features to make your campaigns seem like your brand. Usually, there are pre-built emails so you won’t have to type a new email from scratch.  Templates, canned responses and easy to edit guides should help you to make the emails readable and more likely to be opened. 

2. Access to sign-up forms – a successful email marketing campaign also requires your business to provide the ability to list your interested subscribers. It is also vital to remove subscribers and to protect the identity and data of your subscribers. Since you are expecting your list to grow, look for an email service provider that provides sign-up forms, pages, or buttons. 

The sign up form includes a HTML code that is embedded in the form on your website, thus the sign up or subscribe page is a stand alone page with a shareable URL. 

3. Great customer support – problems are inevitable and in case you encounter a problem, then you will need expert support to help you fix the situation. Also, as you send emails you will encounter doubts in accessing their features and this could only be answered by your email service provider. You should consider sending an email to the provider to see what kind of response time you get and what training is available. 

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