Freelance Jobs for Financial Advisors

If you have the skills to help busy people track their income and expenses, or if you have a passion for finance, or if you have experience with all the different financial packages available today, or if you just like money, maybe you could consider being a Financial Advisor. 

If Knowledge is power, then passion is the fuel for that power, and money is a great motivator for many. Some people know how to use it, invest it and make it work for them, others go paycheck to paycheck and are in a spiral of debt. Money affects everyone, so it is a job that can be beneficial to everyone. 

Financial Advisors have background knowledge and/or experience in assisting individuals with their investment strategies by assessing clients’ financial situations and making recommendations. Furthermore, there is actually no specific field of study required for financial advisors to begin in the industry, but professional growth and advancement is required depending on certifications, qualifications and  experience earned. Here are some of the freelancing jobs for Financial Advisors.

  1. Retirement planning for other freelancers –  this is a dilemma for any gigger because their income is unstable and they don’t have the same set-up as traditional workers and as a Financial Advisor you can help them set up plans for the future in a way where there are low or no administrative costs. 
  1. Small businesses consultant – there are a lot of startups in the Gig Economy and these young companies are looking for a future-oriented perspective that a financial advisor has because having a bookkeeper alone would not impact the growth for the future. 
  1. Financial Educator – A Financial Advisor can also conduct financial classes or seminars for people in need of financial literacy. This can be considered as a good side hustle for advisors as they can also earn money by sharing their expertise in the field. 

Of course, some people would be skeptical about hiring Financial Advisors especially for those who don’t have enough savings. Internet Platforms like PeoplePerHour and Freelancer are two of the many sites where Financial Advisors can market themselves as giggers and at the same time be found by interested clients. 

There are companies like Trezeo that offer financial products for the freelance community and can help with investments, insurance, or loans during difficult times.

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