Giggers work during the winter months

No cold can stop the warmth of cash. With over 2 million UK freelancers, there is no doubt that the Gig Economy will take advantage of the winter season as seasonal jobs are on the rise for Christmas and New Year. Before we delve into gig work and opportunities you can do during winter. You must first be aware that people who take on seasonal roles can face a host of challenges. Such temp workers do not have the same legal protections as full-time employees in the UK, plus they do not typically receive benefits such as health insurance or sick days. If you are up for the risks then you can continue scrolling down and see where you can apply yourself this winter.

One of the most important factors in securing a seasonal job is to begin job hunting as early as possible for employers to look for employees early in the season for holiday season jobs. 

Be a holiday elf

As the busy season approaches, people need people to run errands, get their gardens in shape, or even help to decorate their Christmas trees. You can search TaskRabbit to find job applications for such positions.

Scare people

Of course, another much awaited time of the year is the celebration of Halloween. Especially now that Haunted house operators are finding ways to open with modifications

Social Media Manager

During the holiday season, plenty of popup shops are temporarily returning to business with themed markets. Businesses like these are in need of help to draw people towards them such as help in managing their social media presence. 

Sales Associate 

Excited shoppers are on the run this coming holiday and to satisfy the demand of consumers coming to their shops. Businesses are in need of freelancers to help them in stocking, running cash registers and customer returns.

eCommerce Assistants

Tracking orders, dealing with customer concerns, answering Live Chat or Social Media posts managing the websites, writing content, blogs and website copy and managing the smooth flow of customers through the site and ensuring that they get their products.

Temp General Assistants

Office tasks need completing, phones need answering, delivery services need support and managing, drivers need guiding, packages need sorting. There are a lot of general tasks that can be performed as a temporary assistant and that are still required, even during a pandemic or a lock down.

There are many more seasonal jobs available if you’ll search the internet more and chances of finding odd ones are even higher because of the holiday craze. However it is in fear that such jobs would be reduced due to the pandemic. 

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