Google Chrome Shortcuts

We know that there are many browsers you can use, Google chrome remains the most popular browser in the world. Going back decades, we can remember how Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox became the dominant browser for PC users and we are thankful that during those days, we learned how to find improvements on how we can utilise internet surfing more efficiently. When Google first launched Chrome, there was a thought that it was too basic and had almost no features. Surprisingly, there are many things you can do with Google Chrome if you are one of this browser’s users so you can get the most out of your Google Chrome experience. 

Google Chrome Shortcuts:

1. Go Incognito Mode

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N

On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + N

Easily placing your browser in Incognito Mode when you want to browse privately and don’t want other people using the computer to see your browsing history which is useful if you have shared workstations.

2. Open Last Closed Tab

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T

On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + T

This shortcut lets you open the last browser tab you closed which is necessary when you accidentally closed a tab or you go through the last series of tabs you closed.

3. Open Bookmarks Manager

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + O

On Mac: ⌘ + Option + B

This Chrome shortcut provides access to open and delete individual bookmarks, create bookmark folders, and move bookmarks into different folders.

4. Open Clear Browsing Data Window

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift +Delete

On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + Delete

This shortcut opens the Clear Browsing Data Window to quickly clear private data and free up the space.

5. Close Window

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + W

On Mac: Option + ⌘ + W

To close all windows quickly.

Indeed, Google Chrome is exemplary when it comes to the most popular browser, with a 70% market share . Chrome is a powerful browser because of the myriad of shortcuts that enables its users to take full control of your browser without having to take your hands off the keyboard. If you are always in a rush, knowing keyboard shortcuts are helpful to save time. 

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