How Can Parents Make the Internet Safer for Kids?

Parents spend a lot of effort keeping their kids safe.This safety might be physical, emotional or online. We watch them and monitor their every move when we are out in public, so it should be the same when we are online. Preventing harm to children increasingly requires savvy use of technology and the internet. Children and teenagers no longer spend a few hours a day online. Instead, it permeates their daily lives.When you see a child these days, they are on their phone, or they have their phone in their hand, waiting for the next notification to pop.

Why is online safety important?

School-aged kids adore going online to watch movies, play games, and chat with friends and family. Schoolwork and homework may also be done online. Kids may use anything with an internet connection, including but not limited to computers, mobile phones, and tablets. As compared to younger children, school-aged children face greater internet safety concerns due to their growing online independence and the possibility that they may go online alone. 

How can parents make the internet safer for their kids?

1. Teach your children about cybersecurity and internet threats

You want your children to benefit from their time online, but you’re concerned about their security while they’re there. A kid-friendly explanation of internet dangers and how to spot them is a good start.

2. Get familiar with parental restrictions

Children of all ages may benefit from using SafeSearch. Most web search engines feature a ‘SafeSearch’ option that enables you to filter the content your kid sees while online. In most browsers, the ‘Settings’ button is represented by a little cog on the main page. It’s crucial to remember that no “SafeSearch” option is 100% effective and cannot safeguard your kid from age-inappropriate content.

3. Avoid oversharing.

If someone gets their hands on your kid’s real name, birth date, and location, as well as the names of their parents, cybercriminals may do a lot of damage. We tell our children that sharing too much personal information online is dangerous, and parents must try to set a good example.

Your child’s internet safety depends on the trust you have in them but this also entails minding your actions and responsibility as a parent to make the internet safer for your kids.  It is also down to their common sense and their own awareness of the risks of chatting to people and playing social games online. Chat rooms must be monitored and group chats can invite anyone into them. Making your kids aware is crucial to their online safety.

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