How lockdown affects mail services in the UK?

As the imposition of lockdown began affecting different areas in the United Kingdom, the Royal Mail found nearly 16,000 new ecommerce businesses were set up during lockdown. The company suggests that unusual circumstances brought by the pandemic and lockdown made Small and Medium enterprises adapt quickly, especially that customers are focusing on their digital strategy and their mailing services now, more than ever. New business models saw the need to cater to growing home delivery services.

According to Royal Mail‘s records, parcel volumes rose by 34% – during lockdown, while revenue rose by 33.1% in the five months to August 31, which was mainly influenced by ecommerce and direct to consumer sales. 

The 500 year old mail service Royal Mail has reinforced its commitment to deliver parcels and mail since starting in 1635. I think we can all agree that a lot has changed since then. 

With many challenges overcome through the years, the courier service once again faces another challenge as 2019 Coronavirus hits the world. Following the latest national efforts to combat COVID 19, Royal Mail reassures its customers that International Mail remains open. During this exceptional time, Royal Mail recognises its significant role in enabling people to cope without risking the welfare of their staff. 

Changes were made when signing for and receiving items in order to protect both people and customers as much as possible, minimized contact during delivery is strictly followed.  Handling over hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures is now prohibited so instead, logging the name of the person accepting the item would be enforced.  Some courier services also insist on a photograph being taken of the hand over process. 

Additionally, for all customers where there is a need to deliver items that won’t fit through their letterbox, the changes are that they will place your item at your door. Having knocked on your door, staff will then step aside to a safe distance while customers retrieve the item. 

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