How Many Jobs Can You Do To Earn Over £98,000?

Margaret Thatcher is famously quoted as saying that she ran the Country on just 4 hours sleep a night. But she only had one job to do. 

The average annual salary for Gig Economy Workers (according to research conducted by the Prudential Group) is £28,180.00 a year, which equates to an average of £108 a day, or £13.50 an hour based on the 261 working days in a year, and the average of 8 hours work in a day. H

People in the Gig Economy might be doing it for the money, or might be doing it for the freedom and the work/life balance. If it is for the money, then taking that average hourly rate and applying it to Margaret Thatcher’s abilities of sleeping just 4hrs a night, it means that you could earn £70,470.00 a year if you still like your weekends and your Bank Holidays, or over £98,500.00 if you think that you can go without weekends for a year.

So then the question has to be: 

How many jobs can be done if you have 20 hours in a day to work?

A working day could be:

4am to 6am

Researching content online for an executive needing to have a report prepared before they get into the office

6am to 8am 

Producing 2 content articles for a Marketing Agency or website to boost their SEO strategy and promote a new product

8am to 9am

Providing telephone support for someone with a job interview today that needs some extra support, research, coaching and guidance to help them to feel successful before entering their important interview

9am to 11am

Working for an on-the-road salesperson cleaning up their diary, answering emails, preparing them for their up-coming sales pitches and meetings

11am to 1pm (eating on the go)

Scheduling Social Media posts to go out across 4 different channels of Social media to hit a targeted audience on their lunch breaks

1pm to 3pm

Working for a recruitment agency doing pre-screening on applicants for a job and trying to find relevant applicants online to fill vacancies 

3pm to 5pm

Taking online and over the phone orders for food deliveries and take away deliveries for busy people needing a meal that evening.

5pm to 7pm

Working at your local food delivery takeaway restaurant for their rush hour of delivering orders to people around your town, this also gives you some much needed fresh air and exercise in the day.

7pm to 9pm 

Transcription duties for all the meetings that your contacts have done in the day and creating the research and notes that you need for the next day and for their diaries

9pm to Midnight

Going back through the emails and diaries of the people that you work as a Virtual Assistant for in order to prepare them for the days and weeks ahead.

Then, just as Margaret Thatcher did, get your 4hrs sleep and do it all over again.

Or is this just crazy? 

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