How SME’s can stop getting bad reviews?

They say that bad PR is still PR but of course, no one wants a bad reputation especially in business. Let us focus more on how to avoid getting negative feedback. A blog by CMG Local Solutions mentioned research showing that one negative review drives away 22% of potential customers. The percentage of lost customers increases in parallel with negative reviews such that three negative reviews could drive away nearly 60% of potential customers. 

SMEs play a significant role in the United Kingdom’s economy. In fact, SMEs contribute about 47 per cent of total revenue to the UK economy. In relation to this growth is the support of the customers to the business that makes it successful. As our world becomes technology-focused, all businesses are naked in the online world. The internet gives every person the power to share their thoughts and opinions – even negative ones. For that reason, if you’re an SME owner then you can use these few tips to avoid getting bad reviews as you know, local businesses are built on reputation. 

Ask EVERY customer about their buying experience 

  • Where else could you improve your business if not for asking the clients directly about their take on your service. Not all businesses do this but it is important that you ask your customers ‘how was your shopping experience’ before they leave your physical store or virtual store. The goal of this tip is to ensure that if your clients encounter difficulties, you can easily tend to it before they post a complaint to the world. 

Invest in customer service/Personal Selling

  • As the pandemic occurs, customers’ freedom to go to your store and get their problem fixed is limited. Moreover, people are turning more to the use of smartphones and are very keen on getting quick responses from businesses when an unfavorable situation arises. A business should be investing in handling the customers queries even after making sales. 

Be your own customer 

  • As the old saying goes, don’t do unto others what you do not want others do to you. You might think you are doing a good job in your business but wait until you put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Conduct a regular review of your business outside of your own perspective to identify problems or rooms for improvement.

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