How to fix burnout in Customer Service Representatives

How do we protect our employees? One of the challenges faced during the pandemic for the Human Resource Managers is to keep employees focused and engaged in the company. Employees in the Customer Representative Services (CRS);  department are more prone to burn out than in some other departments due to the stress of long hours, low support and frustrated customers. Just imagine sitting for a day and listening to customers’ complaints and then using their problem solving skills to figure out how to best help those customers. All without the face to face support of a team leader. There are often several problems to resolve during one shift.

Exhausting, right? 

With that, agent burnout is one of the biggest risks your employees face at work. Followed by the COVID-19 crisis. CRS are at an even greater risk of burnout, than some people in other departments. Due to lockdown and many businesses closing, CRS are experiencing more pressure and higher call volumes. They’re still expected to be empathetic to hyper-stressed customers.

So what do we do? We take care of their well being.

Remind them of their wellness

As an HR manager you can talk to your employees about stress management techniques. You can encourage them to take things slow, and of course, do not add to their stress. 

Encourage taking time-off

CRS are expected to be available 24/7 but in reality, people can’t do long hours straight through the day. At some point, their body and mind gets tired. It is important to give them the right amount of break time they should be getting, and to relax on those breaks.

Make them feel you’re with them

Always remember that your people need support. Check-in with your agents daily and coach them when needed. This will help them improve in the work they do. 

There are currently more than 109,000 people employed in call and contact centre occupations in the United Kingdom. More than ever, agents tending to customer concerns is important especially that we are consequently encouraged to stay at home due to COVID19 risks. 

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