How to get paid on time and fairly for freelancers?

Everyone participating in the Gig Economy is taking a gamble everyday of their life. We know that freelancing is unstable as projects are client-based and your income is dependent on how you manage your incoming payments for your services. 

In general, there is a lot of work aside from the actual work that you need to submit to clients on time and on target and on budget. Speaking of completing a project, a lot of freelancers (mostly new) find it a real challenge to chase invoices. If clients do not pay on the day agreed, it can cause more work and more headaches for a Gigger. Note that freelancers do not only serve one client but often several at once. If you are one among more than 2 million freelancers in the United Kingdom, you might’ve learned how to chase invoices but in this article, we will help you to avoid chasing late payments. We don’t want that additional workload, don’t we?

Do your work and billing up-to-date! 

The consistency starts with you! If you want to avoid delays then you should show the same respect to your clients. Your work should be on time, you should be contactable on time, you should be prompt and punctual at all times. You cannot chase an invoice with incomplete work though. 

Research before approval

As a freelancer, there will be times when clients come to you for work, offering projects. When that happens, it is easier to set the ground rules and discuss the rules about payments. If they are coming to you for work, you can say that you can do it and here are my terms and prices. You should research the company, review their profiles and read the feedback of others in relation to the company. Chances are, if this customer does not pay, there will be information about them online, people who do not pay, are often serial non-payers and there will be warning flags that can easily be found online. 

Get a contract

Everything must be bound in a contract, agreed in writing, and signed off by both parties.. Do not agree for a job without something in writing. This may serve as your protection for any unlikely circumstance that may happen between you and the client during the days of your service. 

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