How to Launch & Monetize Your Podcast

Once iTunes or Spotify has approved your podcast, you’ll have eight weeks to make an impact—a coveted area that allows you to be highly visible and catch the attention of millions of consumers for just eight weeks. 

There are two big questions you need to ask yourself here before you begin producing a podcast.  What has motivated you to start a podcast? What are your goals that you want your podcast to achieve? 

You may have discovered that podcasting is a terrific method to establish authority while also providing important and interesting material to your consumers and target audience. Remember that a podcast that rises to the top of the charts and stays there has to be engaging all while offering valuable knowledge on a topic that people want to hear about.

Now you have finalised your theme, after that what’s next for you? Well, you can start recording your first episode. It’s vital to remember that the first three episodes of your podcast will act as the foundation and initial impression of your programme.These episodes are known as “Pillar Episodes.” The idea is to provide a decent, representative sample of your material to your audience so that they know what to expect from the program. Strike a balance between releasing enough information to offer your audience a taste of what’s to come while also not overwhelming them with a large number of episodes right at once.

Today, there are two major differences in how podcasts generate money. When you put them all together, you have a continuous cash stream that can help you make money podcasting. When you sell the show directly, you’re doing direct podcast monetization. You may make money by generating unique material, reusing it, and offering paid members special access.

Indirect podcast monetization, on the other hand, is a growing trend. This is when you utilize your podcast to promote other products. Your podcast becomes a medium for product promotion and demand generation among your listeners.

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