How to manage difficult but asset employees?

Employees are one of the important stakeholders of any company. Without them, it would be difficult for the owner to provide services to the customers by themselves.  It is necessary for a company to secure the right, most suitable and talented people to help the organisation grow and succeed. Promising as it may seem, there are negative instances that cannot be avoided.  One of those is when an employee is being difficult to communicate with. It is easy to say that if an employee shows a negative character, the owner should fire them but what if the difficult employee is considered an asset of the company? 

How to manage difficult but important (asset) employees?

You can start by sitting down with the person in question. As they say, communication without comprehension is nothing. Now, confront the person about the problem and what may be the reason for such an attitude. Make sure you specify the reasons why they are being spoken to and how it is causing negativity in the team, company or workplace and how it can hinder the end-result. Make them understand why the company is bigger than their individual attitude or ego.

It is important to take note of every conversation and meeting you have with the person. Doing so will help you see the reasons and map out the issues so you can understand them. It will also help track their progress if there is any progress. Hence, it is also a must that you make the person aware of who the employer is. Employees should know you have full control of what should be done and not done in your workplace and, tell them that such negative attitude or character won’t be tolerated. Make sure you clearly line the boundary and have a strategy defined for the difficult person. 

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