How to manage multiple clients?

Working for a lot of clients is something to be proud of in the freelance community, and is often something that other freelancers are envious of. If you are a freelancer you will have thought of having several different clients. Earning a salary from more than one company and will have thought of ways to increase your income. As a freelancer to manage numerous customers brings with it stress and pressure which is why it is not always advisable to accept too many projects.

What can you do about it? Well, we moderate ourselves. 

We all know that too much of a good thing can be dangerous, and everything in moderation is good. Anything more than you could handle, could lead to trouble and problems. However, if you are new to freelancing and are convinced that you are just accepting the right amount of customers but have wanted to master the art of managing tasks then this article could be for you.  

How to manage multiple clients at once?

Communicate everyday 

Communication is important, it is at the heart of maintaining a good relationship with your client and staying on the right track for the project. Although project proposals are covered in the contract, it is important to stay in touch with your clients. Not only do they feel that you prioritise them but it helps you stay on top of the game. Having your work reviewed regularly helps to reduce errors and time.

Different to-do-list for every client

Keeping in control of your “To Do” list is an important tool. Having a different “To Do” list for each client is a way to ensure that you are not mixing up the work that you are doing for different clients. It is important that you keep a tracker of things needed to be done for different customers because this will help you stay organised and manage your time as a freelancer. 

Utilise Mobile Applications 

The advancement of technology is something that helps people to be more comfortable completing tasks at work. You should find apps that help you in your work. Time tracking tools and organizers can be found for free on the application store. Grammar checks, eWallets, payment providers, invoice templates, communication apps, note pads, there are so many different and useful apps available to choose from, your phone can become your personal assistant to your Gig life.

If you’re one of more than 2 million freelancers in the UK, then these tips could help you ace your freelancing career in the Gig Economy. As the pandemic continues to challenge us, the more we fight back and stay strong in the middle of this crisis, the better we will be when it all ends.

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