How to reduce distractions when working home

Many of us are doing real work even if lockdowns are still imposed in the United Kingdom however, even work-from-home employees like freelancers face the challenge of over working. Other common problems are the constant distractions that can be troublesome when working at home.  Do you have pets, children, or Netflix? All of these can mount up as distractions and stop you from being 100% focused on your jobs. 

According to research by, people spend more than two hours a day procrastinating; including around three hours and five minutes of a working week on social media. Add to that the time it takes to make coffee, go to the toilet, answer the phone, watch that TV Show that you love and talk to friends on Social Media, a working day that used to be 8hrs gets drastically reduced. 

Being distracted is different from procrastinating. If you are unable to focus on your work, here are some tips you can do to help you stay at the top of your game. 

Set objects for a day

Objectives should be realistic and time bound. By doing so, this will help you prioritize the tasks you need to finish and eventually, you will get more things done than scattering your attention across numerous tasks and jobs. Planning and preparation prevent poor performance.  Structure helps stay focused and organised. 

Take a screen rest

We are more exposed to the use of technology, especially digital media as people are encouraged to spend more time indoors than outdoors to avoid getting infected by COVID19. Working nonstop in front of a computer can be tiring for the brain and the eyes, thus it is important to take a screen break to have your eyes rested. 

Stop creating distractions

To avoid being distracted, stop creating distractions! When we’re distracted we start thinking of unrelated tasks like surfing the web, or cleaning the house. Despite what you feel, you have to remind yourself that you have a goal. 

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