How to retain Gen Z freelancers?

In this article we will try to provide some useful tips on how to retain Gen Z freelancers for a project. Freelancers work for a certain time, on a certain project and after the contract ends the work dries up and the employer needs to look for more work. This provides flexibility, but also an uncertain working environment and could mean that there is a high churn rate of employees. 

What would make Gen Z giggers choose you? Moreover, what would make Gen Z workers stay  longer with you? If you’re struggling to reach out to these younger people, you are not alone. 

Born in the mid-to-late 1990s, this new wave of talented people have grown up in a world entirely built around technology. As a result, they are reshaping the workforce with a new set of requirements and work preferences that is shaking up corporate environments.

Flexible working

People enter the gig economy because it offers flexibility, leaving more time for giggers to do other things. Therefore, it is necessary for clients to maintain a working environment where freelancers won’t feel suffocated while working for you. 

Know your purpose

Gen Z are inclined towards contextual working. Meaning, these young generations seek clients who give them purpose rather than just a job. 

Walk the talk

Aside from being purpose-oriented, Gen Z are also keen on choosing employers. On a side note, hiring Gen Z is more challenging for they are expecting companies to be activists for societal issues. Today’s generation are hungry for businesses with authenticity and that demonstrate community awareness and spirit. Being more in tune with social media means that people are more in tune with social problems and issues.

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