We are more virtually present than ever before. In an article by Avocado Social, the UK has now 45 million social media users. In addition to that, The United Kingdom, United States, and South Korea take the lead when it comes to online shopping. Even if the UK leads eCommerce it is still useful to know that 55% of people will research online reviews and recommendations before making a purchase. All around the world, people research and review feedback online before making a decision, and a good review can generate sales, a bad review can stop sales and crush a company. 

Reviews are important as they say a lot about a product and a company – that they are credible,trustworthy, and cash-worthy. If reviews are not factual, then what could that possibly do to a consumer?  In May 2020, Amazon took down 20,000 suspicious 5-star reviews in the UK. As you should know, if retailers distort online reviews then they are in trouble of disobeying the rules contained in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 as well as the advertising codes.  

Remember, most fake reviews are positive. 

If you are fond of online shopping (of course, when the COVID-19 pandemic also forces us to use eCommerce for our safety, more people have seen the benefits) then this article could help you avoid those bad purchases, and waste of money impulse buys due to the reviews. 

Ask for more details

  • Contact the seller and inquire more about the product. See if they respond. A lot of sellers don’t even respond to customers.

Check the profile

  • Reviewing a product often goes as a hobby or a habit, if you read a review which seems to answer all your doubts then there is also no harm in checking the profile of that commenter to see if they have made other purchases in other stores and also left reviewsPeople who leave reviews for one store, will generally leave reviews for others. If they are only leaving reviews for one store, then you know that they are an employee, or the reviews are faked. If the profile has written hundreds of reviews in a day then you can doubt the legitimacy now.  SOme people get paid for leaving reviews. 

Read more than just the stars

  • You are encouraged to read the actual review rather than depending on the stars as it would give you a grasp of what’s really in the product, it might be that the product was not suitable for one person, but it is still OK for you.

Reviews of products are one thing.

Reviews of Freelancers are similar. Having an understanding of reviews can help you to build up your own profile and portfolios online. 

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