How to start a successful micro-influencer campaign

When you hear the word “influencer”, what comes to mind? 

It is a new buzz word of the 2010’s. It could remind you of people on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, with a lot of followers, promoting holidays, goods, items, and brands. Words like YouTube vlogger or social media personality come to mind. People who have got famous from social media. Well that may be true but the role and responsibility goes beyond the definition. 

According to eMarketer,  48 percent of marketers decided to increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2017. With a focused and centralised target audience, an influencer can also collaborate with small and medium sized enterprises to help them to reach their goal– gaining the attention of a much larger public. 

If you are trying to become an influencer, you can use these few strategies to make a successful campaign for yourself. 

1. Research – The first step to creating a good foundation for your influencer campaign is completing thorough research of your target market. Knowing the demographics and psychographics can help you identify influencers based on whose audience is more likely to purchase from your brand.

2. Set Goals – you need to have an attainable goal that would help you measure the effectiveness of your influencer campaign. Here are few questions to ask yourself during this stage:

  • What does our budget look like? 
  • How many influencers do we plan on participating in this campaign? 
  • What are the specific goals that we want to achieve? More followers? More likes? More customers? Return on Investment?

3. Reach Out – collaborating with the right influencers is both the hardest and most important part of executing an influencer campaign. This is where most marketers struggle. After conducting research and setting objectives, you need to seek out influencers that fit your goals and your target audiences. By far, the most crucial part of planning your campaign will be determining which influencers fit best with your brand. 

If you do your research well; your influencer campaign should be a success. 

Remember, less is more. Social media creators with fewer followers don’t mean they aren’t as creative in endorsing products like celebrities. In fact, these types of personalities have higher rates of engagement. This means that more people will be liking, commenting and sharing the content associated with your brand.  

Joining specific communities with very targeted commonalities can mean less views, but higher conversions

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