How to turn freelancing hobby into a serious career

If you were to choose between passion and career, what would you choose? 

Some may answer career as passion alone won’t make you enough money to pay the bills however, some people also believe that you can turn your passion into a career. If you have the right set of skills that you market to a few clients online to earn a little extra money, why not start making it a business to earn a good source of income? 

If you want to begin a freelancing career, of course you need to consider expenses, insurance, marketing, sales and billing. Now if you think you can handle all of that, there are several steps you should take to maximise your results.

Here are some tips to raise the bar on your freelance career.
  1. PLAN– you might be passionate to take gigs but turning it to a full-time work can surely come with increased risk. For example, when the pandemic hit the United Kingdom to an extent of enforcing lockdowns and travel bans, what is your fallback plan? Moreover, a plan must also contain how are you going to upscale yourself to survive in the market of freelancers. 
  1. INCOME– any business requires money to start and if you are sure of committing your time to freelancing, you better ensure that you calculate what your annual salary is and then figure out what you need to make each month. 
  1. NETWORK– when freelancing was a side hustle, you didn’t have to take on more clients. Now that this is your main source of income, you need to have enough clients in order to be successful. Hence you should be able to use social media sites and freelancing websites to market your portfolio. You need to attract clients so they will choose you instead of other competitors in the field. 

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