How to use Excel better?

You have always done it, but could you do it better? For many years, we have used Microsoft’s Excel software to help us do computations, spreadsheets and complicated graphs and charts for work reports or at school. Microsoft Excel has been recognized for many years as the leading software for spreadsheets and reporting. It is continuously being appreciated and well used throughout all businesses. Everything needs reporting, everything is fast-paced, everything needs to be kept organised and in its place.

Microsoft Excel has remained the leading software in the spreadsheet business since the business began. Even if the software is expensive, many people trust it, need it and use it everyday, even if alternatives are available like Google Sheets. Of course, Excel is already proven and tested, did you know that you can use the software to your advantage even better? 

How to use Excel better and smarter? Here are some ways to unlock its full potential. 
  • Automate Tasks – if you need to do tasks repetitively, you might opt to automate it instead of manually entering it multiple times. A way to avoid such issues is to automate tasks within the software. You can automate just about any repetitive task in Excel, like client proposals, billing and payment reports and investment analysis by simply creating a macro in Excel. So you go to View > Macros > Record Macro. Once there, go through a process you’d like to automate. If done, an Excel recording of your routine steps you can replay with just the press of a button or keyboard shortcut will be effective.
  • Hire IT Support Trained in Excel – Employ someone who knows fixes or workarounds for Excel to avoid placing your employees at a disadvantage that may decrease their productivity. Having an expert to diagnose where you can make the process more efficient is helpful and effective as it saves you money and time. Moreover, it enables your employees to use Excel more efficiently.
  • Centralized Location – Scattered data is time consuming and we know that many businesses are managing multiple sources of data, which is being used to some extent. However, given this big data that needs to be safely kept, can it be easily accessed and used when needed? To find out, you can create a single repository to serve as the foundation for all your business data. Doing that can help you store all the isolated spreadsheets you have over shared drives and can be available in one location, making your information easier to analyze. 

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