Human Resources Management In The Gig Economy

A Human Resource (HR) Management team is a group of people that helps improve the strategic management of a company. They also take care of the wages and salaries of the employees, training and skills development of new or current employees in a company, maintaining employee satisfaction and as well as managing all recruitment. In shorter words, an HR in a company is solely responsible for handling the affairs connected to human communications. In the rising Gig Economy, HR teams are probably debating the huge adjustment of shifting from the traditional work set-up to a digital work set-up.

The freelance population is booming. The total freelance workforce is projected to grow by 3.5 percent per year. How do you think this remote type of work is managed by companies abroad when most of their employees work remotely? Today many start-ups and the increasing gig talent pool are posing difficulties to the HR as most of the talented people that have deep expertise in their respective fields are not available on a permanent basis i.e. willing to work as regular employees because they are simply freelancers! HR is dealing with a problem of keeping skilled people in their company which is quite a headache. HR needs to have agility in their manpower planning and hiring strategy to keep these professionals and have them grow together with the company. 

Unlike in traditional employment, in the gig economy, workforce planning largely relates to matching the demand and supply for labour. As the modern labour economy rises, it is vital for any HR to know how to handle and plan their workforce strategy. The rise of technology also adds up to this adjustment wherein recruiting professionals and a pool of other professionals should be keenly strategized by HR teams. 

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