HustlePorn: Are you Hustling?

HustlePorn is a new buzz word that is defined as the fetishisation of extremely long business working hours. Have you ever heard people being proud of working 12 hour days, 60+ hour weeks, or even 300+ hours a month? Yes, it is possible to do that, and in some (rare) circumstances it is necessary, but why do it, and furthermore, why be proud of doing it?

Most of us need to hustle, and some of us need a side hustle, and like most things in life, there are people who take this to the extreme. Then it begs the question of what is a reasonable amount of hours to work in a day? This is a question that is especially interesting in the Gig Economy.

In a sector where hourly work and hourly pay is the norm, how many hours do you need to work to earn the amount that you need to live on and pay your rent and maintain your lifestyle? Working in a standard 9 to 5 job earning £20,000 a year or £1,670 a month means that your hourly rate is £10.42. The average salary in the Gig Economy is £13.50 an hour, so to do the same hours would mean that your salary is £2,160 a month. But really, those working in the Gig Economy do not want the 9 to 5 lifestyle. They want the flexibility, the freedom, the choice, and sometimes the risk of working, not working, hustling to work and hustling to earn more.

If you work in the Gig Economy for 125 hours a month, compared to the 160 hours a month of a standard 9 to 5, you can earn the same £20,000 a year. So for working 35hours a month less (Almost a week less) you can earn the same as your friends doing the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Work SMART, not hard. Hustle, yes, of course it is good to hustle, but why succumb to the pressures of HustlePorn when you can have a nice, balanced lifestyle doing what you love, when you want, with whom you want, and still earn the same?

Hustle porn is a way of burning out quicker, having work impact on your health, living to work, not working to live, having no life, no social life, no friends, not seeing your family, and for what? 

Yes, we need to hustle, but we also need to live. The Gig Economy is the best place for hustlers enjoying life and work in a healthy balance

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