Ideal number of clients for freelancers

Before entering the Gig Economy, you might think that the more clients you have, the higher your income can be. This is a common misconception. As a freelancer, you are not just responsible for completing your client’s tasks but as a UK freelancer you are also in-charge 

of fulfilling your own duties and responsibilities, like paying tax, insurances, and/or managing utility bills. Of course, you won’t be just working all day and night, you still have other errands to do. In general, if you have no sense of time management and you are planning to be a freelancer, then you better assess yourself on the things you were about to do once you step foot into the Gig Economy. 

So, what is the ideal number of clients?

According to State of Digital, the average number of clients any freelancer personally handles is about 14. That may be a little bit too much for a day. 

If so, then what is the ideal then?

The thing about accepting large numbers of clients is it forces you to overtask yourself plus, having too many clients may also mean that you are doing more menial tasks and getting paid less than you would by doing specific tasks for fewer people. 

If you have a lot of clients, and you are doing a lot of work, you have less time to spend finding new clients, and you become reliant on those that you have. If you have fewer clients you could have less paperwork and have higher rates as you are more specialist and possibly more focused. You have found your Niche and possibly are getting paid more; although the downside of this is you are exposed to more risk whenever a client’s work stops.

In conclusion, there is no ideal number of clients to guarantee enough income. Only you can determine what is enough or best for you.  

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