Ideal part-time job for college students

Today’s COVID-19 outbreak gave rise to some unforeseen hurdles for all social classes in our society. Class division plays a vivid role on who gets what during this pandemic and even university students are not excluded. Being a world leader in many areas of education the United Kingdom knows the pressures of higher education and a focus on rankings has led to high levels of competition between institutions to maintain a robust yet flexible manner of learning. Still, as classes resume ‘virtually’ access to internet and mobile devices has become a factor in deciding to continue education, or wait until libraries and schools reopen fully. University students are always financially limited, even before the pandemic, and most of them are doing gig work to support their academics. 

What can students do today to maintain their studies? 

Is there still a chance for students to make the most of their break time? 

Here are some of the Gigs you can do at home while studying:

FREELANCE WRITER- The average salary for a Freelance Writer is £88.98 per day in the United Kingdom. Write online article content for companies and provide quality copy for websites. 

ONLINE TUTOR- Make a living by helping other students with their academics. The national average hourly rate for an Online Tutor is £10 in the United Kingdom.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT-  The average hourly rate for a Virtual Assistant is £14.36; Jobs include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, booking travel arrangements, managing email accounts or whatever it is that the client needs help with.

DATA ENTRY- this job is flexible and varies from encoding customer’s data from source documents to data analysis and report building from the data. You can earn $9-$16/hour as a data entry freelancer. 

POWERPOINT DESIGNER– if you have mastered the skills of designing PowerPoint then you could use that creativity to earn money. Payments vary according to you and your client but approximate payment is $10-$20 per slide. 

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