Ideas For Creating Apartment Pet Rules And Regulations

Pets are great at home, and make a house a home. They are part of the family and a part of the community. People have always thought of the UK as a country that loves animals thus it’s no secret that pet-related inquiries are among the most often asked of residential real estate agents.

Well, time comes when landlords regularly worry about the potential for their tenants’ pets to cause damage or noise, they are frequently doubtful to allow renters to have pets in the rental unit that they occupy. 

Before you move in, it is important that you check your lease to see whether there is a provision that states “no pets are allowed”. Make sure you have your landlord’s written permission to have a pet before bringing one into the rental unit. 

Under the unfair terms regulations – part of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – you should be able to request that you keep your pet in your flat despite a clause in the lease against it. Any such request should be fairly considered and not refused without reason. 

However, let’s not make things harder for both parties. If you can talk to your landlord respectfully, maybe you could try and win his/her heart to allow your pet to stay with you. And if that happens, you should be upfront about the rules and regulations of allowing your pet to stay with you. This also applies to landlords who will consider pets in their properties…

Ideas for Creating Apartment Pet Rules And Regulations

  • A dog’s conduct may not improve even if its owner paid for a behaviour class certificate. Procedures for dealing with a dog that causes a disturbance, either by biting someone who enters the property, should be ruled out in detail.
  • Fleas are the most common kind of pest brought inside by pets. A properly stated agreement stating that the renter is liable for the expense of pest extermination is a practical way to shift the liability for pest management onto the renter.

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