Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK

From January 2020 up to today, and expected to go into the future, we have experienced a seemingly never ending series of negativity due to the pandemic. Schools are forced to cancel face-to-face classes, businesses are in peril of inevitable closure but most of all, a lot of precious human lives were taken because of the 2019 Coronavirus. Now that a lot of us are still in the stage of adapting to the new normal, a new strain of virus emerged to threaten the health of the people. Is this a further set back, or is this something that shows the world that they MUST adapt and change? 

We will try to shed some light during these dark times by showing hope and inspiration from entrepreneurs who bounced back from their low moments in life. 

  1. Grace Beverly– aiming for a healthy lifestyle? Grace Beverly founded her business after she set up her first company – B_ND, that is committed to producing vegan-friendly resistance bands. Her journey to the fitness community can be traced back to her first year at Oxford University. From then, Grace constantly strived to find innovative solutions for gaps within the marketplace, and this has certainly paid off. Dedicated to the health lifestyle, she also created an app SHREDDY which offers workout and meal plans that are tailored to your goals and preferences. From food to exercise, Grace also became an expert in producing fashionable activewear TALA, which came from 92% of reused materials, factory offcuts and even plastic bottles.
  1. Timothy Armoo– for some professionals in the business world, Timothy Amoo, 23 years old, and even a student became the co-founder and CEO of social media marketing company Fanbytes. The marketing company targets those in the Generation Z in producing social media contents for the major users of the digital world. 
  1. James Dyson– this passion and goal driven man became a phenomenal engineer and inventor by any standard in the world. His passion for building a better vacuum cleaner made him a fortune through innovative creations such as the Dual Cyclone and Dyson Ball vacuum cleaners. Being a technology savvy person, Dyson is far and away the wealthiest engineer in the United Kingdom. 

If you have an idea, go with it, build it, plan it, make it, try it. 

The only thing to guarantee failure is not trying. 

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