Integrated Marketing Communication for SME

The role of marketing has long defined its importance to businesses either big or small. Now what are the additional benefits to a business when Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) are applied. In definition, IMC is an approach to brand communications that relies on multiple communication methods and customer touch points to deliver a consistent message in more ways and in more compelling ways. That is why by integrating tools such as advertising, direct mail, social media, telemarketing and sales promotion, SMEs can give clarity, consistency and maximise communications impact to its stakeholders.

The United Kingdom has  5.86 million small and medium-sized enterprises operating. If you are one of these companies then you should consider prioritising IMC into your business. The good thing about IMC is it can be done even by SMEs too. It is not just for big or unicorn companies. With the right tools and people to lead the IMC department, and a strong strategy your business will grow.

Being an SME owner, you should also have a long term vision for your business. As your business grows, it is necessary to stress the importance of reaching out to your target market. However, sticking to one mode of communication makes you limited to a particular group of people. Unlike with IMC, you will easily reach a large audience. How? Of course, with proper use of tools like advertising, Personal selling, direct and mobile marketing, social media marketing, Public Relations, sales promotion and sponsorships. 

We have been reiterating the significance of communication to businesses but communication as a whole is general and has lots of tools. If the owner doesn’t know how to incorporate the right communication tools into their business, then they might need to think again about their business’ mission and vision. 

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