Internet Speeds Around The World

The speed of internet access everywhere has improved dramatically over the past decade. With an emphasis on broadband internet and fixed fiber optic connections, speed is constantly changing. We would like to look at the development of the internet speed around the world.  The first International Conference on the World Wide Web (WWW) was conducted in 1994. In 1995, internet penetration was very limited: about 0.04% of the world’s population had access to the internet, mostly with the United States accounting for more than half of that number. In less than two decades, this small percentage rose to 41%. Needless to say, plain text files made up the majority of the data shared electronically in the early 1990s. However, shortly after the World Wide Web’s introduction, the internet evolved into more than just text that dominated the online landscape in the decades that followed. 

Now, the increasing resolution of video content being streamed would fuel the need for faster fixed connections, and activities that were previously performed solely on desktop computers and fixed connections a decade ago will transition to smartphones, with an emphasis on apps that run entirely on a remote server. Hence, increased access to high-speed Internet results in significant economic development and job creation. High-speed networks help businesses to generate more revenue rapidly by developing new avenues for growth, expansion, and e-commerce.

Top 20 Mobile Internet Speeds Around The World 
  1. United Arab Emirates 178.52mbps
  2. South Korea  170.52mbps
  3. Qatar  167.40mbps
  4. China 150.40mbps
  5. Saudi Arabia  133.73mbps
  6. Norway  118.20mbps
  7. Australia   109.33mbps
  8. Netherlands  103.37mbps
  9. Bulgaria  96.27mbps
  10. Switzerland 95.27mbps
  11. Canada   93.87mbps
  12.  Kuwait 92.94mbps
  13.  Luxembourg    91.74mbps
  14. Cyprus 87.55mbps
  15. Sweden  83.44mbps
  16. Denmark  82.76mbps
  17. New Zealand 78.50mbps
  18. Taiwan 77.19mbps
  19. United States    76.15mbps
  20. Croatia   74.76mbps
Top 20 Fixed Broadband Internet Speeds Around The World 
  1. Singapore 234.40mbps
  2. Thailand 230.59mbps
  3. Hong Kong (SAR) 224.73mbps
  4. Romania 210.82mbps
  5. Monaco 205.44mbps
  6. Denmark 202.16mbps
  7. France 193.46mbps
  8. Liechtenstein 192.39mbps
  9. Hungary 186.88mbps
  10. Switzerland 186.56mbps
  11. Andorra 185.54mbps
  12. South Korea 185.01mbps
  13. Spain 183.98mbps
  14. United States 182.69mbps
  15. Chile 169.96mbps
  16. China 168.00mbps
  17. Macau (SAR) 166.24mbps
  18. Sweden 164.42mbps
  19. Canada 161.95mbps
  20. Norway 157.19mbps

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