Signs that 9-5 shift is for you even if you’re a freelancer

I am a freelancer but should I work from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon shift?

We all know that being part of the gig economy involves benefits like flexible working hours, choosing who you work with and what you work on and the flexibility to work where you please.  Some people are comfortable with the 9 to 5 schedule, others want to change the norm.  In this article, we will give you reasons why some people maintain the regular employee shifts, and some do not. Either way, you might think that the 9 to 5 shift is a thing of the past. It may not always work but it still has a benefit. 

What are the signs if the 9-5 shift is for you:

You’re productive during those hours – one thing why it works to do a job during the traditional hours is simply because it works for you. You are more productive and there is less space for compromising. Your body and brain are accustomed to it, and it works.

You like to finish tasks – yes, freelancing provides more of a work and life balance. These working hours can keep you organized and avoid you from overworking, over stressing and can maintain a balance. 

You crave balance – working the traditional shift helps you stay focused and organised. . Moreover, this also gives you enough time to bond with friends, or have hobbies in the evening. Working at home on your own makes it harder to meet new people and keep up with old friends which is why staying on your 9-to-5 working schedule helps you to stay connected.

What are the signs if the 9-5 shift is NOT for you:

You have commitments – Having children, pets, or other such commitments during the day can get in the way of working 9 to 5. Having a much more flexible working schedule can allow you to fit in all the other things that you need.

You get distracted – Working during the day, there is daylight, outdoors, bills to pay, TV to watch, school runs to do, people to socialise with. Working in the evening or through the night, there are a lot less distractions. If there are times of day that are distracting for you, avoid working them so you remain focused.

You get paid more outside of 9 – 5 – Yes, evening, night shift, early morning work can pay you more. If you are working for a company in a different country that has a better minimum wage, then you can earn more by working internationally. 

You like variety – restricting yourself to the 9to5 hours of your home country can mean that your choices of work are reduced. Opening yourself up to 24hr working, and working in any country around the Globe gives so many more options.

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