Is freelancing here to stay?

If you have been working in the freelance industry for a long time, you may have asked yourself, is freelancing for life? Just like the traditional work setting everyone is used to, we cannot assume that freelancing would be the same. Well, doubts about this new type of work set-up may decrease one’s interest to join the Gig economy but did you know, freelancing has been an integral part of our economy for several years. 

Being paid for a certain limited output and having the freedom to choose when and where you like work to be done are some of the many pros why more people are shifting to this setting. In the United Kingdom,there are over 2 million freelancers recorded in Freelance Industry Statistics 2020 and as the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home as much as possible, even traditional employees who work 8 hour shifts are adapting to what freelancers have been doing for the past decades. 

Now, let us answer the main question. Is freelancing here to stay even post-pandemic? With new ideas being discovered during these trying times, people have found ways to modify jobs that caters for an improved work-life balance as much as possible. Perhaps, the 2019 Coronavirus enabled businesses to create new strategies that would help people earn money and live their life at the same time. As the younger generation are more inclined to get the work-life balance correct, freelancing can be part of our new normal. 

As such, the gig economy also helped a lot of people who lost their permanent jobs due to retrenchment of some companies. Thus, freelancing became a fallback plan for people to survive during this difficult time. Even though disadvantages are still present, one cannot deny that at some point, being a Gigger help one’s living too. 

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